Woofs To Go | Starting March 23rd

Woofs To Go | Starting March 23rd

To our WOOFS family,

We hope that everyone is staying safe and healthy during this strange time. Dealing with COVID-19 is something that we never would have imagined dealing with. We hope that once this all passes it will be an event that we all learned some valuable lessons from, and that it made all of our communities stronger.

We do have some good news for you! Beginning Monday, March 23, we will be offering take out only for food and alcohol. This will take place every day of the week from 11:30 – 7:30. You can call ahead (404-869-9422) to place your order, or just stop by the pick up window on our patio and a staff member will be there to assist you. If you have to wait a minute, be sure to enjoy a cold drink. When you do stop by we do request that you still practice smart and responsible social distancing guidelines. Do not enter someone’s personal space without asking first!

Over the next few weeks we will be selling WOOFS shirts ($20), 15th Anniversary pint glasses ($10), and gift cards (to be redeemed when we reopen fully). ALL of the proceeds will go into a fund for our employees! Please use cash for any of these items that you purchase. It helps us distribute funds more easily to our staff.

Please continue to follow our Facebook page and website as we will continue to provide regular updates. We hope to provide you with some positive news and surprises along the way!

Your support allows us the opportunity to give our employees a steady form of income. This provides a since of security in a very uncertain time for so many.

Most importantly, please stay safe. As we have always maintained, if you are not feeling well please stay home. We aren’t going anywhere, so come and see us when you are 100% healthy. We value everyone in our WOOFS family and we want to see you all in excellent condition, especially when all of this has passed.

We appreciate your continued patronage and loyalty. We would love to have your support over the next few weeks. It will be a great way to give back to many in need.


Gregory, Mike and Gabe